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LatexMila latex top staring



Birthdate: Juni 1990
City: Hilversum
Country: Nederland
Tel: +31 6 12 51 70 26
E-mail: [email protected]


Open minded






  • Photography
  • Cross-fit
  • Boxing
  • Going out
  • Shoppen

About Me

Probably you are curious about who I am. I am your Mistress, a seductive, powerful dominant young women and live close by Amsterdam. My characteristics are intelligent, well educated, open minded and not to forget, high class.

I got in contact with BDSM at a young age. BDSM makes my blood flow faster and heart starts beating faster when dominating slaves/subs. I have seen lots of fetishes, nothing is too crazy. I will take you for a journey in the beautiful world of BDSM.

What a session looks like depends on your fetishes. The session differs from humiliation, pain, CBT or sissification. Only when you obey me correctly, you will be rewarded with pictures, videos and/or voice memos.
My slaves describe me as a strict but playful Mistress with sometimes a little sadistic laugh. There are a lot of possibilities, I’m creative in what I do, and I’m proud of it.

There isn’t much difference in who I am as a Mistress and in my private life. I don’t have to act, I’m a Mistress from passion and joy.


Besides my work as a Mistress, I do have a sporty and fit lifestyle in my private life. I perform CrossFit twice a week and follow punching bag training twice a week. So, you better watch out for me and listen, slaves! I’m a small but spicy woman with my 1.66 m height, this is an excellent reason to wear my high heels for you. Are you on your knees when I put them on?

For me, it’s important to look good and follow the latest fashion trends on foot. Preferably, I wear clothing which accentuate my beautiful female curves the best. A combination of sexy, tempting, and classy. I wear make-up every day and make sure my lips come out beautiful and full.

You will always see me as a mistress wearing latex during sessions, I have my name for a reason. Also as a Mistress, my clothing style can be described as sexy and provocative.

What you see is what you get


My rules are clear and are discussed during our first session. It’s important you always act neat and polite. Besides you should always address me with Mistress LatexMila.

I will reward you if you behave proper during our session. My rewards divert from watching my beautiful outfits and sexy curves till voice memos. If you really manage behave excellent, I might allow you to edge or have an orgasm. But this won’t be your primary goal!

You are here to please and serve me. I make the rules, and you should always ask if you’re even allowed to cum. I will decide, if you’re allowed to cum, where how and when you do it.


Do you want me to wear a special in latex? Please let me know what your request is. In the meantime, I have a grown my collection of latex clothing. If I have the item you request, I will wear this for you during our session. If not, I do have a wishlist with tons of items you can surprise me with or suggest the item you would like to give.

It isn’t an option to see me naked. And you know it, “boys who asks, gets skipped”. Request or references to see me naked will be denied or ignored. That’s not how you talk to a Mistress.

I decide what you get to see and believe me, it already is an honor to get some of my time.