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Country: Netherlands


About Me

Probably you are curious about who I am. I am your Mistress, a seductive, powerful dominant young women and live close by Amsterdam. My characteristics are intelligent, well educated, open minded and not to forget, high class.

I got in contact with BDSM at a young age. BDSM makes my blood flow faster and heart starts beating faster when dominating slaves/subs. I have seen lots of fetishes, nothing is too crazy. I will take you for a journey in the beautiful world of BDSM.

What a session looks like depends on your fetishes. The session differs from humiliation, pain, cbt or sissification. As long you…


I am active on multiple social media platforms on which on can follow me or watch me live.
It does not matter if you are single, have a girlfriend or wife there are different ways to admire me. Do not wait any longer.


To make it easier for you, I have put together a list with my wishes so you can surprise me. Depending on the item, I will thank you personally with a picture and/or video when the item arrives.
Do not be greedy but be grateful for the fact you can spoil me. In the end, this is your goal in life.




You can start a chat session on WhatsApp or Kik. Everything start with making a good first impression, so be polite towards your Mistress!

You provide me with how long you want the chat session to be. A payment will follow and during our session, we will have horny conversation based on your kinks.
I will give you instructions and only when executed correctly...


Only message me when you think you can serve me. I will send sexy pictures, videos, and voice memos as rewards.

When you would like to enjoy me live and hear my bossy voice, a Skype session is what you’re a looking for. I will always wear latex during skype session. I do wear this beautiful name for a reason.
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Real sessions are only possible when I have spoken with you more often. Only when I notice a connection with, and you as slave manage to obey me, there is the unique chance for a real session. But first, you must prove yourself online.


Slaaf Luca R.
Slave Luca R.
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I have been a slave to Mistress LatexMila for a few years now. When we started, this was via WhatsApp and I had no experience yet. Soon Mistress LatexMila managed to loosen something in me and always go a step further and discover new fetishes. Mistress LatexMila knows exactly when to be extra strict and when she will let you go a little more. But even if she gives you a little more freedom, she knows how to do it in such a way that she still has all the control. This has ensured that I have been able to grow a lot as her slave, and am also always amazed at what she has come up with. I definitely recommend Mistress LatexMila and hope to do many sessions with her myself.
Slaaf Robin
Slave Robin
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I have been in contact with mistress LatexMila for a while now. This beautiful mistress in exciting outfits makes all my wildest dreams come true. She knows exactly how to respond to my wishes as a slave and knows how to take the lead with her dominant character. I have already received several exciting assignments and videos from her. Because she knows how to bring this so wonderfully, I long for her more every time! She does all this with a lot of personal attention and feeling that you only want to worship this mistress more. She has a passion for what she does, and you notice this very well in sessions. Who doesn't want to be dominated with passion by such a beautiful mistress dressed in latex? I do! And that's why I like to stay in touch with her.
Sissy Rianne
Sissy Rianne
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The step to surrender is a difficult step, but with Mistress LatexMila this step is taken in no time. With a lot of wonderfully mean nudges in the back, you quickly willingly fall on your knees in front of your mistress. Within half an hour, she understands exactly who you are and what you need. It will not always be what you hope or expect, but in the end, you are sure that your mistress will have made the right choice for you. I am a novice slave who has been made into a sissy by Mistress LatexMila. I would never have dared to take this step myself, but Mistress LatexMia made this choice for me, and I can't believe how happy I am. As long as her simple rules are followed, Mistress LatexMia will be just but wonderfully harsh. This step is the best step I've made since I can remember.
Slaaf Henky
Slave Henky
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Since about three months I am in training with the beautiful Mistress Latex Mila. At the first contact we discussed my limits, and then she immediately started working with me. She made it clear to me that, as a slave, I was there for her pleasure and not the other way around. Every week I have to report to her twice for sessions of an hour or more. Mistress Latex Mila is extremely creative in humiliating me and in giving me pain punishments. At the beginning of a session, I have to undress completely and present myself to her on my knees. Then she starts working with me very intensely. She also sometimes dares to send me assignments outside the sessions. Her goal is to train me to become her total slave and property. Sometimes she humiliates me in front of her friends, and once she organized a session together with a mistress friend. I have always felt like a slave, but during every session I learn a lot from her as a slave. I suspect I can't get away from her anymore.
Subje Pietje
Sub Pietje
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I am writing this review on behalf of Mistress LatexMila. Let's start with Mistress LatexMila herself because what a mistress she is at heart. Every session I do with her, she looks so incredibly beautiful that you almost forget that she is your mistress until the game starts, and she puts you right in your place. Make no mistake because Mistress LatexMila can be incredibly strict and really make you feel like you're worth nothing. During the sessions you have to do all the assignments exactly as she wants otherwise, she punishes you right away and believe me she kicks at that. Lately we mainly do weekly bundles as I am very busy and do not find the time to schedule a session with her when she is working. I can really recommend the weekly bundles to everyone because this is really a way to get to know each other better and believe me during this week you will really have to do your best as the assignments are not weak.
LatexMila in latex body with gold chain_02


What is BDSM?

Bondage & Discipline, Dominantie & Submissie en Sadisme & Masochisme, the entire package.

What does a week- or month bundle look like?

We will have daily contact when with a week- or month bundle when it suits both of us. During this period, you will get a chance to serve me and get to know better. I will give you instructions which you have to follow strictly. If you succeed, you will receive a sexy voice memo, photo's or video's of me.
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