General and custom-made video's

If you're still exploring your fetishes, this is the perfect solution. Watch m general videos and discover what your fantasies are. Send me a message on WhatsApp to watch the videos.

Is a custom video more what you're looking for, in which I will use your name often en address your favourite kinks?

This is possible! In both scenarios you can send your request to me on WhatsApp.
You have to choose between a video of 4 or 8 minutes. I will take care of the right build up and explosions ;).
This video is especially for you and will stay yours. You will be able to save it and enjoy it over and over.


Do you like to dress like a sissy? I have the items to make you prettier..


Let me use your ass with my strap-on. I will even use two different strap-ons in this video.

Video call with me on bed

Have a peek of me handling a slave during a video call.

Anal Play

I will introduce you to all sizes and colors.


I would do your best or I won't use any lube.


Altijd alles maar slikken!